Presenting a brilliant array of contrasts are the materials and feel of ADDITIONALS for Autumn.Winter 19/20. Contrasting material combinations meet characteristic surface textures. Lettering with a 3D effect is very strong, especially in the labelling department. In combination with neon colours this adds a revitalizing freshness and a sporty finish. Recycled materials convince us with new innovations, especially in stone-like looks.

Providing an overview of the latest colour trends and topical product design are the theme worlds in the Additionals Trend Forum, focusing on the link between nature and futurism. This gives rise to areas shaped like stone, made of coral, with lava lamps and plexiglass tubes.

“The Autumn.Winter 19/20 season is characterised by contrasts. Casual styles are upgraded by exciting yet subtle accessories. The additionals of choice here are small objects such as buttons or closures inspired by the jewelry collections of young and individual labels, the so-called New Talents. Such designs are given a new twist by a certain vintage character. Prints or embroideries are re-visited by means of “one-line drawings” for lining fabrics, tapes or labels. This gives especially rugged wool fabrics or grainy leather a modern twist. In general, no segment or process can do without sustainability considerations any longer. It remains exciting to see how recycling or up-cycling can be designed creatively.” Olivia Rudschewski SO|GUSH

More than 200 suppliers presented their new collections in Halls 1 + 2 at the MOC demonstrating how these fundamental tendencies can be individually transposed in concrete terms within the different product segments.