A record number of exhibitors, a yet again expanded area, a first-ever BLUEZONE Festival and product innovations that make an impact far beyond one season. We asked Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director of MUNICH FABRIC START, about success formulas, loyalty and convictions.

BLUEZONE of MUNICH FABRIC START has developed into what is one of the biggest international trade fairs for denim and sportswear. What is this success all about?

Needless to say, we are delighted to have positioned ourselves at the very top of this league. The current show is fully booked once again and demand is so high that we have integrated the outdoor premises into the exhibition concept. For the first time, we will be featuring such leading vendors as Creora and Anubha. This once again testifies to the global importance of BLUEZONE. Our stated goal was, and will also in future be, to offer a spectacular portfolio of the best brands and the most innovative products. In Munich the future of denim is already here.

Denim is increasingly becoming a cross-seasonal product. How does BLUEZONE respond to this development?

With DENIM BEYOND SEASONS we have already responded to this market development early on by picking up on the directions in the market. The underlying strategy is welcomed by our partners in the industry so that the product cross-section primarily features the “latest” rather than “last” Innovation themes. At present, this is convincingly represented by ‘PERPETUUM BLUE’ as the overriding theme for fashion trends but also for social influences. Product and production processes are permanently in motion and the transitions between the individual steps are blurred. Reaction is by no means sufficient any longer, action is called for. And we act with passion and strong commitment.

How much persuasive power is needed here?

This success is based on a permanent exchange of experiences with exhibitors and visitors at BLUEZONE. We do our research worldwide following the key markets very closely; but we also look around at niche marketplaces discussing new approaches, listening very carefully and checking feasibility and opportunities responsibly. We are very credible and professional. This mutual trust has made BLUEZONE what it is today – one of the world’s biggest and most successful denim shows.