There is a trend towards wider silhouettes again. Describe the materials you are offering specifically for this new fashion trend.

There is a trend towards wider silhouettes again. For this trend we have many constructions. At heavy weight we have a “Make Love Not War” concept, on the basis of which you can find 90ies look items in comfort stretch and rigid. We also have unisex items in authentic looks. As light weight is important for summer, we promote our “Light as a Feather” concept. With this concept we have lightweight items for tops and bottoms, we are showing some of them as oversize shirts and pants like Daddy Jeans.

Share your denim and sportswear favourites for summer 2019 with us. What colours are you focusing on?

For summer ´19 we have a dye-art concept featuring colorful denims with summer inspirations. Textile processing has a very high consumption of water and energy, and a large amount of wastewater discharge. Industry works hard to achieve a balance between economic development and environmental protection. Conservation of water resources and the environment have become key issues of concern in textile manufacturing. Dye-art qualities of Bossa make a significant impact on denim production. Qualities are being produced in ecological dyeing processes, reducing the water consumption. With this concept we provide many colors such as red, pink, iceblue, turquoise, etc. We also selected summery indigo shades and we have a lot of new colors, the names of which are Kalpa (new blue black), Peridotblue (new greencast), Skyblue (redcast), Nuitblue and Deuxblue (more long-lasting colors that do not fade out that easily).

Velvet and baby corduroy are highly rated. How attractive will these materials be for the mainstream market in your opinion?

Soft touch is increasing especially in high-elasticity products. We are planning to do soft touch power stretch and unisex fabrics, while doing special spinning and finishing techniques for our autumn-winter collection.