This seasons´s BLUEZONE theme stands for the ever-changing business of denim, for the new excitement in denim, coming from different price levels, new or “Re-Invented” destinations.

The spotlight of the denim industry shows the giants turn into micro and the unknowns turn into big players. Times and rules are changing. Taking your position for granted is not possible anymore. The denim business seems to have become the art of a non-stop reassessment. All actors have to be one step ahead, aware that anything could endanger their leading position. Who are the new brands/leaders to replace the old “chapter 11”
brands? Which innovation, mill, new made-in countries, opportunities and more makes the new heroes in trending denim? PERPETUUM BLUE is the eternal motion, a never-ending process about the evolution of the Blue Indigo.

With a focus on transparency, sustainability, creative smartness and holistic synergies, BLUEZONE is the place to experience how Denim rediscovers a leading path of innovation.