Flowers are considered soft and female. Flowers are synonymous with colourfulness, performance, comfort and love – but also with evanescence. Flowers wither, decay and rot.

Billie van Katwijk and Alissa Rees experiment with flowers and the beauty of ephemerality. With the archetypal power of a hammer they physically emboss flowers into fabrics – thereby prolonging their lifecycle. The brutality of this method of hammering the flowers into pieces is in stark contrast with their beauty. All the more surprising and unexpected are the eclectic shapes, colours and patterns resulting from this.

In the end, however, these will also fade away – maybe it’s time to let go then. In the workshop organised by Katwijk and Rees emotionality meets with aesthetics. With their experimental printing technology the two designers not only want to invite us to contemplate unforeseeable beauty without reflecting upon it but they also aim to raise observers’ awareness about the alarming conditions in the global apparel industry. The extreme power required to create these one-off pieces represents the efforts required to design sustainable fashion.