Besides the all-encompassing theme of sustainability, technology and digitalisation were the predominant subjects for discussion at the KEYHOUSE, the Innovation Think Tank of MUNICH FABRIC START. There was a great need to talk, both at the stands and in the discussions and round tables with high-calibre panelists at the KEYHOUSE FORUMS.

The keynote speech on “The Circular Economy Journey of Sustainable Luxury Pioneers” of Kresse Wesling, Co-Founder und Director of Elvis & Kresse made it clear that sustainability has long become more than a niche topic for environmentalists. She showed that today’s luxury sector sees an increasing demand for sustainable fashion and accessories. On a cross sectoral level David Shah, owner of VIEW talked about “Why Performance, Comfort and Sportswear Fashion will dominate Apparel for the Foreseeable Future”.

Another highlight certainly was the contribution of Li Edelkoort – one of today’s most important trend forecasters. The visionary presented trend directions for Spring.Summer 2020 and unpublished content for the Colour Forecast for Autumn.Winter 2020/21 in an exclusive seminar.

With the help of digitalisation but also with innovative supply chain partners more sustainable results can be achieved in the long run. This has been proven by the Planet REhab collaboration of designer Juan Carlos Gordillo who created a collection made of TENCEL™ und TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ fibres from Tejidos Royo. The fabrics were dyed with Recycrom-technology by Officina+39 und then equipped with a finish by Tonello. The result, which could be inspected at KEYHOUSE, demonstrated impressively how the sustainability aspect itself acts as an innovation driver. A further example was given by Swedish company We aRe SpinDye® who have revolutionized the dyeing process of polyester for the textile industry. They were the first to succeed in developing a fully certified dyeing process including all production stages, which sets new standards with respect to clean colours and environmental engagement.

Beyond this, the exhibition format SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS at KEYHOUSE showcased the visionary spectrum of the latest material innovations and future orientated sourcing concepts. Here the innovation aspect is on sustainability in particular. For the current season, Diane Scherer presented her project Interwoven, in which the root structure of plants is being transformed into fabrics.

Another example of botany is given by Dutch designer Nienke Hoogvliets. She demonstrated, how algae blooms can be utilized to attain textile colours and environmentally friendly yarns.

Another focal theme at KEYHOUSE was the presentation of the Hightex Award. The winner of this year’s innovation award was Becker Tuche, Aachen. The company received the award for a new product development combining wool and Cordura with spandex – super lightweight and highly functional. The runner up was Soorty Enterprises with an extremely lightweight, recycled and water-repellent denim in a Tencel/nylon blend and in third place came Mectex by Manifatture Italiane Scudieri. The Italians are known for their high-tech developments in the sports and outerwear segment and come up with new ways and solutions for fusing comfort and function.