If we open our eyes, we can see the good in the world. At CARTOON, we always feel the glass is half full and value the opportunities that every new day brings. We love the smiles on the faces of the people we meet. And we appreciate an unexpected compliment. We like to smile back, because the little pleasures of life become large ones when we share them. And we like to share. Our happiness. Our sense of fun. And, especially, our optimism.
Optimism is like life’s confetti. We sprinkle it out to bring spontaneity, colour and cheerfulness into the world. Because when it comes to spreading optimism, it’s a question of all or nothing – and Cartoon has decided on “all”.

Blouses, tops, sweaters, jackets, coats, trousers, dresses and accessories from Cartoon are all wonderfully laid-back. And anyone who says that relaxed and Cartoon are same kind of mismatch as sporty and feminine hasn’t seen the collection yet. Light, airy fabrics in plain shades or with prints make the wearer feel just the way she loves to see herself: feminine, beautiful, yet relaxed.

The MUNICH FABRIC START team thanks CARTOON wholeheartedly for generously providing the trade fair hostesses with outfits.


The shuttle busses oscillated between the MOC exhibition centre and Munich Airport – with compliments from IPEKER. The detailed information has been published on the timetable in the foyer of Hall 3.


In cooperation with NILORN – specialists in tailormade solutions for labelling, design and product development – we have developed some high-quality merchandise products again. Our lanyard, the premium Colour Code boxes or daily wristbands are just a few examples for NILORN’s custom-made product range. Still looking for experts in customized solutions for textile product labelling and packaging? Pay a visit to the booth of Nilorn Group in Hall 2 B 01 to get some creative but competent ideas.