Passionate Plea for Creativity

Karin Veit, Design CEO at Marc Cain, retires after a career of over 40 years in the fashion business. Her creations were formative, independent and modern. We interviewed her about success, emotions and intuition, about longing and appreciation. And about the farewell.

Mrs Veit, with Marc Cain you have given birth to a unique brand with high recognition levels. What is the secret formula behind this success story?
I have set myself the task of re-defining fashion time and again and of creating unique products for people and not just for consumers. My team has supported me in doing this with all their passion.

Strategy, planning or emotion and intuition. What is design really about?
It is an interplay of all these factors because all stages in the genesis of a new product are exciting. At the beginning of each new collection it takes a vision, followed by the strategic elaboration and precise planning. This stage requires plenty of organisation. After that, the creative working phase starts where intuition and passion are very important.

40 years of fashion and design. What was the most dramatic change within the industry for you? Has it changed your thinking, your work long term?
I think digitalisation also had a decisive impact on the fashion world. It is as dynamic and fast-lived as ever. You need courage and imagination every single day to come up with something new time and again while still retaining high recognition levels – or in other words – staying true to yourself.

Trends flood the market and its consumers in an almost inflationary way. There is a surplus of goods. What is your idea for creating longing again and, at the end of the day, sustainability in a sense of appreciation?
Marc Cain’s guiding principles are highest demands made on design, quality, materials, latest finishing technologies and fits. Marc Cain women live in the Here and Now, are self-assured, open-minded and curious. They love being a woman and express themselves by how they dress – naturally and unpretentiously. You should always re-focus on these guiding principles.
And I also recommend women to not blindly follow any trend dictate but choose fashion in which they can be themselves and feel at ease.

You have decided to part with the fashion business at least professionally. What will you miss most?
The inspiring cooperation with people and especially my wonderful team as well as the daily creative challenge. And I will also definitely miss the catwalk shows and image photo shootings.

Anything you will not miss?
Meeting deadlines.

Thank you much, Mrs. Veit.