About strengthening the umbrella brand, interactive networking and innovation.

MUNICH FABRIC START as an umbrella brand will move even further into the foreground of the strategic orientation in future. Why this step?

Sebastian Klinder: MUNICH FABRIC START is one of the world’s largest fabric and additionals fairs. This season some 1050 exhibitors present their product developments in Munich. Within the very successful MUNICH FABRIC START family we have invested in additional and clearly defined event formats that are presented in external communications and marketing policy in an independent and target-group oriented manner.

This includes VIEW as an early trade fair as well as BLUEZONE, one of the most important denim events internationally. Two years ago, we created KEYHOUSE as an innovation think-tank that has enjoyed huge popularity. All these satellites boast their own profile. This is important and as it should be. The strength, however, of all these components actually only plays out fully as a package. With the timing and synergy of strategically attuned events. And in future this will be even more consistently the case under the acclaimed umbrella brand MUNICH FABRIC START.

KEYHOUSE has become a strong interactive centre that is one of a kind.

Frank Junker: In an extraordinary way we have called into existence here a creative space within the existing architecture of the former Kesselhaus premises that combines the components of tradition and future, analogue and digital and of sustainable innovations and high-tech thereby giving rise to something new. Top-notch experts impressively demonstrate current developments in the most varied of sectors. Starting with sustainable innovations and future-oriented process solutions, the digitalization of colour references through to the digital wardrobe, as currently demonstrated by FashNerd in cooperation with MUNICH FABRIC START.

The topic here: Wardrobe of the Future. An exciting presentation. The KEYHOUSE presents concentrated creativity combining fashion tech and development. Factors that will decisively impact the fashion market of the future.

MUNICH FABRIC START is developing ever more strongly into a platform for interactive networking. Does this development mean a shift in the focus of its remit?

Wolfgang Klinder: As a trade fair organizer we reacted very early on to the requirements of the market. Our prime task is first and foremost to create a functioning platform for a high quality line-up of leading international suppliers in the fabrics and additionals segments. We have achieved this goal in a comprehensive manner. This has given rise to longstanding reliable partnerships that are key to MUNICH FABRIC START’s success.

On the other hand, beyond this it is key to broaden our scope and take on the role of an initiator and motivator. This has to include a competent and innovative program of side events. At this point I would like to mention the very successful ‘patterns X.0’ conference that is now already running for the second time. Sourcing is a hugely important theme that really moves the sector.
As does the challenging complexity of digitalization. We are called upon to set processes in motion, make expert knowhow accessible, and ultimately offer a toolbox and solutions for future-relevant processes.