The latest edition of MUNICH FABRIC START from 4 to 6 September 2018 was a unique demonstration of perspectives, innovations, of what is possible and, more importantly, of what is feasible – translated into over 1,800 trendsetting collections for Autumn.Winter 19/20.

Just over 20,000 visitors – designers, product managers and buyers of international brands and companies – came to Munich. The event also reached the record level of 1,050 exhibitors. Overall, the organizers can look back on a constant result based on last year’s comparable figures.

“With VIEW Premium Selection, with its early date in July 2018 and considerable rise in visitors, and the following MUNICH FABRIC START we have developed two consecutive trade fairs as a response to the early kick-off to the season. This allows us to react flexibly to scheduling needs and offer the industry a suitable platform at the right time in each case. Three well-attended days at MUNICH FABRIC START mean we have reached our goal and are very satisfied with the result”,
says Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director at MUNICH FABRIC START.

The fabric and additionals collections at the MOC demonstrated how strong and innovative tomorrow’s trends are. Thus, material and finishing already act as definitive storytellers. Thus, material and finishing already act as definitive storytellers. In terms of the progressive users of Instagram & Co. designers go in targeted search of fabrics full of character and striking colours. Resulting from this is the comeback of label prints, for example. This is a key indication of how strongly sociological developments increasingly impact fashion.

Inspiring themes are in focus with Additionals for Autumn.Winter 19/20. In particular, the topic of sustainability. This was also confirmed by Charlotte Bogegren, CEO at WeNordic, a labels producer from Denmark: ‘Sustainability is the stand-out topic in conversations.’ Furthermore, it is primarily individualised product solutions that are sought. This applies for buttons, ribbons and braids as well as for labels. Exclusivity is another key add-on.

The show was again supplemented by the spectacular trend and colour forums for fabrics and additionals in the foyer of the MOC as very aesthetically staged product infotainment whetting visitors’ appetites for the collection ranges from the companies exhibiting.