We speak with the organizers of MUNICH FABRIC START about future trade fair concepts, digitization, blockchain development and their partnership with NEW HERITAGE.

Strong conference formats, the expansion of exhibitor space and a solid, high-quality product presentation come together to form the essential basis of a new corporate strategy geared to the future.

The international exhibition landscape is currently undergoing changes. Concepts are rethought, strategies changed, some events are about to end. What does the future concepts at MUNICH FABRIC START look like?

Wolfgang Klinder: With MUNICH FABRIC START we have laid the foundation for a trade fair format in the past that goes far beyond the classical exhibition business. We offer all-encompassing services, have adopted successful conference formats, we have defined and sharpened the profile of the various product segments and further expanded the trend and inspiration forums.
Furthermore, we have extended the exhibition area to include two additional halls. By taking these measures, we have established an optimum point of departure and a platform for dynamically responding to the flexibility that current market trends call for time and time again. Our overall aim is a convincing and future proof strategy rather than unlimited growth – always within the limits of our possibilities, know how and experience – according to the feedback from our exhibitors and visitors.

Industry 4.0, digitalization, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, blockhain change the processes and mindsets in industy and retail. How does MUNICH FABRIC START react to this?

Frank Junker: These factors fundamentally change current manufacturing processes and distribution channels on all levels of the textile and fashion industry. Most recently we have already initiated technical conferences on these themes with acknowledged experts – and very successfully so. At KEYHOUSE we flag up novelties and innovations in this area and provide a preview of future proof materials and manufacturing processes.

MUNICH FABRIC START Exhibitions GmbH has recently obtained a share in NEW HERITAGE.

Sebastian Klinder: We have followed the developments in New Heritage very closely and are impressed with the professionalism, the passion and the ideas of this still young B2C event. We even had some joint project initiatives as part of MUNICH FABRIC START over the past
few seasons – especially related to the BLUEZONE. Our participation in New Heritage is an additional commitment to a forward-looking product segment with synergies for all parties involved. And, in the final analysis, it is a logical and consistent step towards positioning MUNICH FABRIC START as a guarantor for high standards, a strong product portfolio and a corporate strategy oriented towards the future.