Utopia and dystopia, like optimists and activists, are contradictory sources of inspiration that are strongly impacting this season with real-political and ideological themes and as well as essential yearnings. High-fashion and no-fashion, futurists and realists – all opposites?!

A gently rebellious longing questions origin, attachment and tradition in the same way that consistency is no longer a predominant element in our modern existence. Despite, the circular economy, sustainability and transparency are a supernatural need.

BRAVE NEW WORLD stands for a very conscious sense of humanity, experiencing emotions, standing up for ideals and, in an animistic way, valuing things in their entirety, complexity or even in their simplicity.
The most important colour stimuli are generated by green tones. Neutrals continue to be dominant. Very dark nuances come in a wide variety of purple, brown, blue, grey and petrol. These contrast with delicate, plate, greyish or faded hues.

Fabric innovations offer plenty of airy, padded volume, all types of raised fleecy fake furs but also velour, flock-printed and corduroy surfaces. New are jacquards and very striking materials that conquer sportswear especially in the sci-fi trends.
For the calmer themes winter materials like coat fabrics with a pile, rugged cotton, bonded jerseys, lots of felt and full wools are preferred.
Abstract motifs of alienated nature as well as superimposed elements and layers dominate the prints. Floral themes appear in deep, dark, almost gloomy nuances. Flowing watercolour motifs are ideal for seasonal transitions.

Trending Topics and themes for AUTUMN.WINTER 2019/20:


Text: Jo Baumgartner, Trends & Fabrics MUNICH FABRIC START