New Looks, Textile Innovations & Sustainability form Focal Points for Spring.Summer 2020

The latest VIEW Premium Selection held in Munich from 4 to 5 December sums it up: There is a growing openness to new looks and textile innovations. With some 400 high-quality collections, the preview textile fair by MUNICH FABRIC START opened the new 2020 Spring.Summer season.

This early and sustained opportunity to sound out the market is currently gaining new significance within a promising environment. This is because a big innovative push is now coming from fabrics themselves. With their texture, character and shape retention properties these now determine silhouettes and styles. This means sportiness through to the megatrend of athleisure is largely defined by the new fabrics looks. Furthermore, at the forefront of fashion there is a new desire for striking styles and intense colours. Though the wider market is also seeking renewal. This is both a challenge and opportunity for buyers and upstream textile suppliers alike who are meeting these market demands with a broad spectrum of new material blends, innovative finishes and surprising textures.

The general idea is to create a line-up for an up-and-coming consumer base that breaks with traditional patterns in an entirely unbiased and “uncategorised” way, one that prefers an age and gender-neutral clothing style and, at the same time, seeks answers to the pressing issues of our time in the handling of resources.

In this context it becomes clear that the topic of sustainability is meeting ever greater acceptance, as confirmed by manufacturers Tejidos Royo or C.Pauli. Even the sometimes 100% higher prices are accepted by ever more end consumers – which in turn impacts the buyers of fabric collections. At the same time, there is an increasing expectation that sustainability will no longer be restricted to the product itself. Instead, the entire manufacturing process is moving into focus – starting from certified weaving mills through to the use of organic findings like buttons and tapes. Manufacturers have expanded this product range accordingly.