Love in its different qualities – from passionate, playful, pragmatic, manic to fateful – is the greatest source of inspiration for Spring. Summer 2020. With passion and a common goal in mind, fashion turns into a meaningful direction. Environmental awareness, new technologies and style penetrate all themes. At the same time we allow ourselves to indulge: In a rich selection of fabrics, in innovative silhouettes, in a philosophical wealth, in humorous kitsch and last but not least in a new lightness that is never completely uncritical.

WHAT IS LOVE stands for a new take on fashion, for more creativity and the courage to dare something new – passionately, playfully and with a pragmatic and resource-conscious attitude at the same time. We are tasked with building a new relation, succumbing to changed styling, to unusual silhouettes and the extreme lightness of state-of-the-art fabrics. Summer 2020 indulges us in an abundant selection of fabrics, philosophical ideologies and humorous kitsch. This includes both the fragile colour palettes of light pastel shades and dark retro nuances, the new radiance of “colourful” grey shades as well as the intensity of strong green tones. Yarns left in their natural state, ecological textures and undyed fabrics mutate into the new textile leitmotifs. Stylistic alternatives come care of flowing satins, elaborate jacquards and materials with metallic coatings.

These are the trend themes for Spring.Summer 2020:

Love is…walking barefoot on a sunny meadow.
The City Quitter discovers a land love that combines the fun of dirt with the connectivity of the big city. The colours of the theme flicker above summer fields and meadows, creating a harmonious palette of sun-bleached and dry colours. Natural yarns, ecological textures and undyed fabrics become the textile leitmotif for individual designs that combine urban influences and rural modesty in casual styles.

Photo Credit: Mona Kuhn, Thomas Raggam

Love is…looking in a mirror.
With no regard to meaningfulness, health and account, Panem et Circenses does not only disregard the norm but also the ratio. Luxury and pleasure also resonate in the sensual colour palette with dark retro nuances. Styling and fabrics draw from the full, right up to provocative design faux pas with elaborate jacquards, flowing satins and metallic coatings in lavish baroque interpretations.

Photo Credit: Hyun Mi Nielsen, Irving Penn

Love is…starting a revolution.
The Fashion Activists fight for real content and trend-setting design. With a lot of optimism, they keep an eye on the fashion jungle and take fashion to a new level: style, origin and environmental compatibility are equally important to them. The origin of fabrics is tracked by textile blockchains. Both, the colour card with grey tones and powerful green as well as striking, reduced slogan motifs underline the rebellious nature of the theme.

Photo Credit: Nike & Adidas tvc mashup, Barbara

Love is…working on a common goal.
The Street Operator theme shows the transition area between workwear and fashion. Active and utility wear are transformed into an allin-one style that offers both, hyper-functionality and modern aesthetics. Straight-line cuts in poplin, gabardine and compact panama are combined with technical fabrics for a functional look. The power of the theme is also reflected in its striking colours.

Photo Credit: A Cold Wall, Tom Vaillant, Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino

Love is…living free of stereotypes.
New Species describes the birth of a neutral future that liberates itself from clichés by all intellectual and stylistic means. The result is a style that translates elements from classic tailoring into technical textiles and spherical colours. Glossy fabrics express both sportiness and elegance. Light jacquard stripes have a metallic shine; cloudy prints underline the lightness of the theme.

Photo Credit: Xander Zhou, Jackie Nickerson

The highlights and most recent developments for these tendencies have been presented by more than 800 international fabrics suppliers and 300 trims manufacturers in some 1.800 collections at the latest MUNICH FABRIC START.

Find a detailed analyes of the trend themes for Spring.Summer 20 in our exclusive trend publications. The TREND BOOK and COLOUR CODE provide valuable input as professional working tool for the development of your new collection.