Fabrics from the north of England. Bysshe is a fabric manufacturer weaving hemp and linen fabrics on the British Isles. The company’s mission is to produce sustainable textiles ethically and ecologically with a focus on regional production.

Very British. Bysshe manufactures high-quality fabrics in a regional network on the British Isles using natural, organically grown fibres exclusively from the United Kingdom and Europe; its jacquard weaving mill is located in Lancashire and its finishing facility in Yorkshire. This network permits Bysshe to oversee the complete process from seed to final creation.

Hemp, linen, organic cotton – Bysshe is looking for environment-friendly alternatives with tradition and has therefore built up a completely transparent European supply chain for hemp: the weft yarn comes from Cornwall and Romania. The plants are grown by an international group of activists in France who have pioneered the legal industrial hemp movement. For higher-gauge materials Bysshe uses yarns from Romania where hemp cultivation looks back on a long agricultural tradition. Linen yarns in turn are sourced from Belgium where flax has been grown for hundreds of years. The cotton used is GOTS certified and comes from the EU.

Sustainability and regional autonomy are essential components of Bysshe’s approach to production ensuring that these natural textile specialists offer a fabric range that cares for the environment and supports future-proof textile production. And if the last few surviving UK textile factories can be involved then Bysshe takes to it like a duck to water.