A denim jacket that reacts to touch is a reality rather than wishful thinking. Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen has developed an innovative jacket in cooperation with Italian jeans producer ItalDenim: Issho.

“Issho” is Japanese and means together or same. The idea for Issho was born when it became possible to weave conductive yarns into denim. This smart material reacts to touch and actuates an impulse in the jacket perceived by the wearer as a pleasant touch in the upper back. This feeling is hoped to create a moment of calm and reflection in our increasingly accelerated world. On top of this, the jacket fit is designed to make the wearer feel safe and protected. A zipper running along the back allows the volume of the jacket to be adapted to the wearer’s personal needs while the high collar allows them to “retreat”.

The thoroughly researched design focuses on utility and sustainability. The large pocket on the front of the jacket offers plenty of carrying room while its hard-wearing denim promises a long life-cycle. This allows the wearer to become emotionally attached to the jacket over time – which means added value for the owner. Apart from this, the innovative jacket is also practical: the sensor is set to not react every time you reach into your pocket and the conductive materials are machine-washable.

Dutch design meets Italian denim know-how: Pauline van Dongen opted for denim since this fabric is particularly durable thereby giving the wearer the opportunity to become emotionally attached to their garments. To this end the Dutch designer entered into partnership with the forward-looking, sustainable denim weaver ItalDenim.